Friday, October 5, 2012

Commonly Confused Words

For a long time, I've been collecting the words that students most often confuse or misspell so they end up with a different meaning. You'll find the obvious there/their/they're, and also more sophisticated vocabulary such as complement/compliment and precede/proceed. I finally put the list together, along with definitions and sample sentences.

This unit has a lot of flexibility to suit a variety of approaches. What I do is divide the students into groups and supply them with a list of words with worksheets for filling in definitions and sample sentences. Then, each group takes a turn once a week presenting their words to the rest of the group.

Also included are completed worksheets to use as a study guide, in case you want to use it that way.

A teacher who purchased this unit suggested that I also include worksheets with words and definitions, but blanks for sentences so students could come up with their own. I thought this was a great idea, so those are included also.

I made this with high school students in mind, but I've gotten feedback from middle school teachers who use it successfully, as well.

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