Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Boom Cards for Punctuation and Grammar Review

Digital resources are becoming more popular as schools go paperless, and one of the best platforms is Boom Learning. I've begun making decks of digital task cards for my students, and they are not only engaging for the students (and a nice break from exercises or worksheets), but they are self-grading, so you don't have to do anything. I use them for my older students as a way to review grammar and punctuation at their own pace on their own time. The Boom membership is free to start with options for upgrades. You can purchase decks from other teachers (like me!) or you can create your own for your students. All in all, it's a great paperless tool for you and your students. 

Here are some examples from a few of my decks. Click on the pictures for a preview.

Verbals: Participle, Gerund, and Infinitive identification and how they function in a sentence.

Commonly Confused Words:  Pick the correct word in context.

Commas:  Drag and drop commas where necessary.

Fun, paperless, and self-grading. What more could you ask for?